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terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2016

Happy Birthday, Laura

Laura plus 25 have a party at 7 pm!
It's getting dark around Laura's party and her friend Samantha is running wild with her large and nice black dog along South Bank.
Nice but alert, and its eyes watch her back in circles and the twenty five are coming 
It's time to get drunk and the large, black and imperial dog knows it.
Others make a definitive call to Sargent Peppers ballad.
It's getting dark outside and it's not 7 pm yet. 
The grey and dark afternoon erases the promised invert sunset over the river.
And the all twenty five arrived to the pub.
A couple is cycling through the main street with red lights in the back seat (even if a bike has just one seat) and they turn their backs to pub lights, beers and other joints.
They are not Laura's friends and they know that, after dark only phantoms, lapricans and memories will walk around windy streets
And the Korean artist, remains alone in the border of the river watching a lighting cube floating near the under bridge.