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sexta-feira, 15 de maio de 2015

My hidden photos - April forgotten

bitten apple sunset on Sun Square

before lunch in málaga's taverna

the dog is a she and even if she looks like a wolf, she leeks like a dog

Could southwest look sometimes like a working camp?

Surprisingly the girl emerges from all diffuse creatures and Mary Poppins' smoggy atmosphere 

I never had before such a romantic view of English Industrial Revolution
It almost looks poetic!
Even smoke looks harmony!
English painters...

Impressive perspective of German bombing to English harbors in World War II

The hairy and beard father with an earring in his right ear ( I will call him Lennon XXI) is explaining carefully to his quiet and well dressed son ( he doesn't look like his son) the splash effect of the modern painting and several (and intentional) geometrical frameworks


Saturday morning intensive hidden intentions

You should never (but never) turn to wrong direction, which means, look past as a way not to go forward...even if you are in Portobello Road's corner

Do you think we should jump?
Or we forget it?

When I try to look to myself from a head snake's point of view, I always look blurry... 

...even if I try different angles